In GoodHands Clinic and In GreatHands Franchise

In GoodHands Chiropractic, Wellness and Rehabilitation of Brampton

Welcome to the in GoodHands Chiropractic, Wellness and Rehabilitation of Brampton.

We are pleased to offer the Toronto and Peel Regions, a pro-active health care that includes a variety of services which prevent injury, and heal and enforce your body's ability to rejuvenate.

In GoodHands offers:

  • chiropractic care,
  • registered massage therapy,
  • physiotherapy,
  • rehabilitation,
  • x-rays,
  • custom-made orthotic services,
  • custom-made braces/splints
  • compression stockings, and
  • reflexology

The Brampton Naturopathic Clinic

The Brampton Naturopathic Clinic offers you the multi-faceted system of healing known as naturopathy, using natural tools to address mental, physical and emotional health. Herbs, homeopathy, acupuncture, nutritional assessments and dietary analysis are a few methods used by our licensed naturopathic doctor.

Tour Our clinic

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